(Q) What kind of services do you offer?

(A) Our specialty is asbestos, lead, and mold abatement, but we provide dust-free selective demolition and sewage cleanup as well.

(Q) I’m renovating my house/basement/building and I think I found asbestos, but I’m not sure. What do I do?

(A) Don’t touch it or try to remove it yourself. Take mental note of where it is and what it looks like (or what it is on) and call us.

(Q) I found asbestos/lead in my building, and it isn’t very much. Wouldn’t it be easier to remove it myself?

(A) NEVER try to take it out yourself – asbestos and lead becomes very dangerous if inhaled, ingested, or handled incorrectly. We are trained professionals with 20+ years of abatement experience – we have all the necessary equipment and chemicals to prevent any undue contamination.

(Q) How much will it cost me to have you look at my business/home, and take out the asbestos/mold/lead?

(A) The consultation and walk-through are free – we do not charge you to assess the problem. Estimates are usually available within days, and prices for abatement depend entirely on the area, amount of material to be removed, and the time it will take. We always try to offer you the most creative and efficient solution to the problem while keeping your budget in consideration.

(Q) If we hire you for an abatement job, how long will it take?

(A) It depends. Square or linear feet of area to be removed/remediated, your schedule, and our schedule all determine the length of the process. Residential jobs, even large ones, can usually be completed in 1-2 days, with businesses or schools as long as a few weeks. This will be communicated to you in the estimate, or discussed in job scheduling.

(Q) Do you test for asbestos/lead/mold as well as remove it?

(A) No. We feel that it is a conflict of interest if we both test for it and remove it for you. We may refer you to a third party that specifically tests for these materials, and encourage you to call us again when you receive the results. However, sample testing through our laboratory is available for smaller jobs. Please contact us for more information.

(Q) What are my payment options?

(A) We will invoice you after the work has been completed, at which time you will already know the terms of payment, as stated in the estimate. We accept cash, money orders, personal and cashier checks, and major credit cards. Funds not received before the terms stated in the invoice may be subject to penalties. We do, however, work within our customers’ budgetary concerns, and payment plans are available.